Agile Hack # 5- testing

In Agile Hack #1 & 2, we talked about balance in a team and efficient teamwork. Agile Hack # 3 & 4 talked about the importance of trust & communications & the importance of Planning & Estimations. We bring to you A H #5, need of testing

Agile Hack #5. Inadequate testing

Agile isn’t about delivering software faster; it’s about delivering quality working software faster.

The product owner shouldn’t accept completed work until it has been tested and meets the team’s definition of done along with the acceptance criteria. One way to combat poor testing habits is to place an emphasis on developing automatic testing. Test every single build until it passes. You may believe testing is done last, after developers complete coding. That is not so!  With testers sitting on the cross-functional team, testing should be done simultaneously. After iteration planning, the requirements of the user story are known.

Start building tests against the value the stories provide so that they may be verified as soon as the code is ready. This removes a potential bottleneck.

Agile transformation brings along with it organizational transformations. Agile requires change and continuous improvement, not just in development but also in all practices that touch products.

Having cited out the contributions & ownership from the team members, in our next Agile hack, we will talk about inadequate trust & communication. Read the whole article here.