Agile Hack # 4- planning & estimation

In Agile Hack #1 & 2, we talked about balance in a team and efficient teamwork. Agile Hack # 3 talked about the importance of trust & communications. Presenting Agile Hack #4, which elaborates the importance of Planning & Estimations

Agile Hack #4 Gaps in planning & estimation

Some believe there is little or no planning with Agile. In fact, there is detailed planning. The difference with Agile is that planning is ongoing instead of a one-time event that gets signed off at the beginning of the development cycle, which occurs at varying levels of complexity and granularity.

Some teams relate user story points to actual working hours. Avoid this mistake! Use abstract values such as t-shirt sizes, animals, colors, or points to represent the size of new work. This is important.

Abstraction helps in tracking the complexity of the story instead of an individual’s availability. Point estimation reflects the abilities of the team as a whole. Once user stories are sized and committed for iteration, individual capacity comes into play in the form of hourly task estimates.

Agile transformation brings along with it organizational transformations. Agile requires change and continuous improvement, not just in development but also in all practices that touch products.

Having cited out the contributions & ownership from the team members, in our next Agile hack, we will talk about inadequate trust & communication. Read the whole article here.