Agile Hack # 3- trust & communication

In Agile Hack #1 & 2, we talked about balance in a team and efficient teamwork. Agile Hack # 3 brings to you the importance of having trust within the team & benefits of clear communications

Agile Hack# 3 Inadequate Trust & Communication

Trust: Fear’s mortal enemy is trust. A common example of fear stifling team growth is the issue of commitment. Teams often under commit or pad their estimates, due to fear of being responsible or blamed for failure. Initially, allow the team to give themselves permission to miss their estimations. Foster an environment of trust, such that the team can explore the causes of a miss without blaming. This helps you find the true upper limit of velocity. A single miss will translate into dozens of future successes.

Communication: If team members don’t talk to each other regularly, troubles lie ahead. Even with the most meticulous documentation, the best way to discover issues and blockers is through face-to-face communication. Foster collaboration by setting up a dedicated team area, where all team members work within reach of each other. Use video conference and instant messenger software to create a virtual room for global teams.

To summarize, we can quote James Humes, “The art of communication is the language of leadership”

Agile transformation brings along with it organizational transformations. Agile requires change and continuous improvement, not just in development but also in all practices that touch products.

Having cited out the contributions & ownership from the team members, in our next Agile hack, we will talk about inadequate trust & communication. Read the whole article here.