Agile Hack # 1- Balanced teams united with clarity

Many points should be considered while you transform any software development process into an Agile process; like team chemistry, team engagement, strong team maturity, communication, trust, top management support, continuous learning, and the list is countless.

Innovify introduces AGILE HACKS; 6 reasons why Agile fails

so that it helps you identify the loopholes faster and amend the process, thus facilitating Agile practices.

1. Unbalanced Team

The role of a ScrumMaster: He involves himself in removing impediments that the development team might face, coaches the product owner & stakeholders, and keeps the development team away from all distractions. ScrumMasters should not dictate the team or micro-manage them. This may damage the team morale, create a lack of trust & also prevent the team from achieving their goals innovatively.

Opposite scenario is where the ScrumMaster is disengaged or uninvolved. In this situation, the person may only attend meetings, which leaves him clueless or unaware of what the team is doing.


The role of a Product Owner: This one is an important role. But due to lack of decision-making authority, training, & clarity, they don’t really understand the values and principles of the Agile process. This adversely affects the team.

The role of the Agile Team: Generally there are strong barriers between Dev and QA team members. There are conflicts between defect vs. improvement, defect logging process, providing stories to test at last moment etc.

Secondly, an understanding that everyone’s time is precious, the Dev team must deliver stories to QA team in a predictable manner which should be informed in daily scrum meetings.

Therefore, it is essential that teams should be self-managed & united with a clarity of ultimate goal i.e., successful sprint delivery.