Product Management

6 Steps to Scale Efficiently

Tips to scale efficiently avoiding making key mistakes that fails your start up miserably. Like raising VC funding & still not getting hold of the product.

7 tips to be an Awesome Product Manager

The role of a product manager is absolutely critical to the development of a good product. While it is essential for them to work with their team like a well-oiled machine, it is also essential that a product manager be able to strategise and plan the product itself

What Should A Tech Startup Founder Focus On, Business or Product

We at Innovify understand how difficult it may be to do both simultaneously. We believe in a great team that supports you throughout the journey, and we are here to do just that! With Innovify you get the exposure of experienced product managers & architects who have experience in enterprises and growth startups.

Minimum Viable Product: How to build an MVP efficiently

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product which has just enough functionality to validate the underlying assumptions, test and learn about the target market and plan for the next evolutionary functionality for its continued development. Incidentally, most founders build MVP as if it were a prototype or a full-blown product and fail to find the right balance between the two.