Product Development

7 tips to be an Awesome Product Manager

The role of a product manager is absolutely critical to the development of a good product. While it is essential for them to work with their team like a well-oiled machine, it is also essential that a product manager be able to strategise and plan the product itself

The 7 Disguised Dangers of Project Estimation

There are those times when we need to estimate various factors for a project. Right from its revenue, to its profitability, to how long it will take to complete – all in a bid to understand the project and its holistic viability.

What Should A Tech Startup Founder Focus On, Business or Product

We at Innovify understand how difficult it may be to do both simultaneously. We believe in a great team that supports you throughout the journey, and we are here to do just that! With Innovify you get the exposure of experienced product managers & architects who have experience in enterprises and growth startups.