Encounter | Maulik Sailor, Founder Innovify

Startup success stories abound billion‐dollar acquisitions, high‐stake exits, consecutive rounds
of funding. That is unless you track the world of entrepreneurship and startups for a living. Like
we do. Because that is when you see the other side of things. The dose of reality that shatters
the rags‐to‐riches tales that the world has come to see, nay, expect of entrepreneurship. No sir,
that’s far from the complete frame. While those that make it, go on to carve their names in the
books of history, it’s a long journey to startup stardom, and a longer one from there. For a great
idea alone, does not a great business make.

Innovify Features on the Star Business Podcast

Maulik Sailor, founder and CEO, Innovify shared his thoughts and experiences on product management and nurturing startups. This interview was published on the Star Business Podcast – a speciality show that interviews Founders of tomorrow’s fast growth, niche dominating businesses that could provide stellar shareholder returns.

Maulik Sailor, Founder of Innovify at The Chrissy B Show

He left his well-paid job to be an entrepreneur, he moved out from his penthouse to finance his business, he left almost everything to be his own instructor. Then he failed and was left with almost nothing but he didn’t give up, he stayed focused. He never believed in making the sky his limit because he desired to go beyond the sky and aimed to nurture startups and that’s what made him the founder of Innovify. Here is Maulik’s slice of life in the form of interview at The Chrissy B Show.