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Innovify was tasked with revamping a website and adding next-gen features to take its acceptability to another level. Task including to migrate CMS, foster online collaboration among businesses & technical teams and more.


Starting a new business today is much easier than it once was, thanks to the growing spectrum of VCs, accelerators and incubators programs and while this ecosystem continues to grow, joining the community of accelerators means raising the bar as a catalyst.

In today’s modern economic world, startup accelerators have to demonstrate greater maturity in understanding the Internet and online technologies and must strive to monetise the tech to maximise their advantage.

To this end, Startup Bootcamp decided to take a departure from its existing website, choosing to migrate CMS without losing content, implement a complex architecture with multiple editors and permissions, foster online collaboration among businesses & technical teams and more. It was definitely a far cry from an ordinary website revamp and cosmetic facelift.

Key Objectives

  • Migrate to a new platform, which would be a paradigm shift from existing online presence, the one designed for the new world order - Implement new functionalities and capabilities without compromising existing content assets
  • Go beyond ordinary design overhaul and design customer-grade first use experience that allows users/teams to succeed on their own
  • Ensure uninterrupted, committed support to facilitate smooth transition/migration to a new platform, ensuring excellent business continuity
  • Devise project management and execution to enable evident reduction in costs and complexities
  • Aim for reduced dependency on the development team along with streamlined management of resources



Revamping a website sounds like a project bereft of challenges. But this was not it. It was a highly demanding project with a list of granular customizations, significant transformations and needed a team of implementation specialists to arrive at tangible outcomes. Innovify resolved this in an agile way – planning smaller targets, achieving them, learning from them; defining their next iterations.

Complete Overhaul of UX, UI and Backend Capabilities

Taking the project beyond an ordinary facelift, Innovify built a tailored solution to redefine and rejuvenate the client’s online presence, turning it into a highly productive, customized and fresh platform. The beauty as well as the real challenge of revamping a fresh design for enterprise like a startup accelerator is that the end-user’s goals and business’ goals must get aligned. We knew that our client shall benefit only when the user feels more productive when using the new website and functionalities. With enterprise-grade capabilities, we helped build an online platform that could effectively help the organisation and its task-force achieve their goals, also enabling them to work better, together in collaboration.

Dedicated Resources and Close Collaboration to Expedite Roll Out

We provided Startup Bootcamp with their own London-based product team. We worked directly with Startup Bootcamp’s leadership team to manage their requirements, and implemented Lean Kanban process to ensure they are in complete control of the dedicated development team, along with the budget and spending at all times.

Technology used

aws wordpress react


Combining agile development approach, greater commitment to client collaboration and end-user focused design goal, Innovify rolled out a solution that delivered tangible benefits and functional improvements as per the set requirements. Our unflinching focus on close customer collaboration helped us deliver the solution faster to the customer. We knew that we were not revamping an ordinary website but creating a new image for a startup accelerator. Therefore, we chose to leverage a highly collaborative route which led to meaningful iterations, allowing us to make the solution more productive & customization for theuser and different business & technical teams. We at Innovify continue to work with StartupBootcamp, and our partnership continues to grow stronger for more than three years now.

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Vikas Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, MD – India
Vikas Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, MD – India