Product Re-engineering of Rental Property Management Software




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Product re-engineering of an established online rental property management software in Canada. Adding user friendly features while taking care of rules and regulations across states.


The client took control of a well-known rental property management product and wanted a complete make-over of the same. This includes introducing enhanced features for landlords, while ensuring data safety for all registered users.

The idea was to update their product to ensure a smooth user experience for both the landlords and tenants. Payment system was to be an important part of the update, along with third-party screening of all the tenants who wants to rent a property. It was a challenging task as the product needed to meet all the government guidelines across Canadian states. Also, since this is a rental property management software for landlords, they must be categorized according to various plans offered and get access to subscribed features only.

While tenants aren’t the primary source of revenue, their feedback was to be weighted equally as that of the landlords and it must be used to improve the product accordingly after the launch.

They chose Innovify after a quick RFQ process as their partner to deliver this project in agreed time and provide support afterwards.

Key Objectives

  • To create a flawless user-experience for both the landlords and tenants
  • To create a system which offers landlords a quick third-party screening of all would-be tenants while keeping the data privacy in mind
  • To ensure a plan-based access of features to landlords, providing income/expense tracking
  • To ensure safe online rent payments and smooth reporting structure
  • To keep adding, updating features as per user feedback and keep improving the overall user experience



Impressive Design & navigation for all registered users

We got started with creating a user-friendly product design and navigation. This means landlords must be able to create their profiles, list all of their properties with necessary information easily, and manage the rental process according to their chosen plan. Also, creating a search-friendly and safe system for the tenants to create their profiles and rent a property.

A few of minimalist design prototypes were created to try and understand their viability to be used in the product before finalizing the product design.

Digitizing screening and lease agreements process

One of the highlights of the new product is to provide a third-party verification of all tenants who are registered and wants to rent a property. We integrated both the industry leaders – Equifax and Certn reports for the same. Along with this, we introduced a digital lease agreement feature that allows tenants and landlords to lock an agreement in accordance with all local property laws and save the same in Pendo application for future use.

Multi-channel Payment

Creating a payment structure for rental properties was quite a task. For instance, we enrolled Bank of Montreal to facilitate bank-to-bank transfers via debit card between tenants and landlords’ accounts. We pinned down on Braintree payment gateway and integrated it. PendoPay also included setting automated payments process as well. One can decide whether to initiate a one-time payment or schedule recurring payments for all future due dates. We introduced a provision to charge a penalty for late payments in the app itself. Landlords can also access an income/expense reporting sheet where they can see all payment and expense schedules of their properties.

Re-engineering - Seamless user experience and blazing fast interface

Reworking on a product demands more from the development team. Since we have a team of experts in product re-engineering, the task was easily taken up and perfectly executed. We went for a complete overhaul of the user experience and design along with adding advanced features. We emphasized on getting customer feedback and make changes in the product accordingly. Hence, you can see updated versions of Online Inspection reports, enhancements in Tenant screening feature for British Columbia residents, and improved app loading time.

Technology used

react javascript node-js aws


Product up-gradation is always a bigger challenge than creating it from scratch. However, we took up the challenge and completely revamped the design of the product, and user experience. Adding certain features required multiple third-party integrations and understanding of real-estate law of certain states. As a third-party screening was required for landlords’ assurance, ensuring user data safety in the process was our top priority. As an experienced mobile app development company, we made sure to deliver the product within the agreed timeline and continuing our support for product enhancements in accordance to user feedback.

700+ monthly processes vs 200 monthly processes previously

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Vikas Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, MD – India
Vikas Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, MD – India