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The Internet is abuzz with stories on influencer marketing platforms and how these new platforms are helping drive sponsorship value and marketing campaigns. So, when it came to building a new one in a highly contested territory, Model Village knew that their success would hinge on building the right MVP and weaving a unique story which is mapped around relevant user personas. The Innovify team was tasked to ensure rapid prototyping and building an extremely fitting MVP. The process of devising the MVP was tied to three goals – make the platform usable, useful and delightful for the intended audience and marketers alike. So, firstly it was about building a product that’s built just right, keeping customers in mind right from an early stage. And, secondly, it was about enabling smooth 3rd party integrations, notably Instagram. Leveraging and understanding analytics from 3rd party platforms such as Instagram was instrumental in judging the effectiveness of influencers, as that would help determine pricing & other allied marketing activities.


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Our app gives a voice to fashion models, enabling them to take advantage of the fact they are opinion leaders and monetise this influence through their social accounts. We empower models who aren’t necessarily the world’s top models counting millions of followers, but those who are just as influential and have a more intimate circle of followers. Model Village is a revolutionary social media app. Although it is destined to a niche of influencers, our strong presence on all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc) enables anyone – whether from the industry or not – to take something away with them.

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We are above all a community, trying to inspire a generation through our model influencers. We want every person who comes into contact with Model Village (whether a model or not) to get something from us in terms of motivation and inspiration. Through the models’ recommendations, the girls’ followers can become aware of great products from brands they can use or great venues to visit to enjoy meals or experiences with friends and family.

We enable brands to tap into this community of highly engaged models and get the chance to promote their brand or venue through these influencers. Model Village is the only platform enabling brands to do so exclusively with fashion models.

In a nutshell, at Model Village we find niche brands and venues the model influencers recommend on their socials, enabling everyone to make the most of it. The brand or venue benefits from the model’s recommendation on her socials, the model’s followers get to know a potential new brand or venue to use and visit, and the model gets rewarded for her influence. All stakeholders are therefore satisfied and the app benefits everyone.


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Results include a community of satisfied model users, who are all able to monetise their Instagram follower base. They are also satisfied to be able to redeem free perks in their city, enabling them to discover new venues and share them with their community of followers.

Activations the models join in through the app have also enabled them to meet other model members and create relationships with them. This is particularly great for international models, wanting to get to know people in a city they don’t necessarily know, because they travel often.

Model Village is the most powerful way for brands to instantly connect with thousands of influential fashion models with highly engaged audiences on Instagram.

Our platform offers brands a powerful, cost effective and targeted way to create and manage authentic micro-influencer campaigns at scale.

Model Village has, over the past three years, brought together a community of 3,000+ agency signed models with highly engaged audiences. They are professionals who treat their Instagram accounts as digital portfolios and are accustomed to working with brands meaning they are pre-vetted content creators.

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