A queue-busting B2C app transformed into omni-channel marketplace

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Instantt’s core value proposition was to provide users with a platform whereby they can find nearby places to order lunch, pay with their mobile, and get an immediate collection time, all of it by skipping long queues. With beginnings at Canary Wharf, Instantt gained its initial traction with busy workers in the area who needed a shortcut when it came to picking up lunches. The Instantt platform also supported loyalty schemes, helping customers save money as well. The benefits of this app were obvious, as was the potential. Having achieved market penetration and customer base with app version 2.0, Instantt needed to discover key areas to boost growth, overhaul UX and redefine customer experience with version 3.0.


From MLP to MMP

With a view to growing the app’s potential and business opportunity by moving towards and
omni-channel marketplace, the Innovify team chose to follow a process through three
  • MLP (Minimum Learnable Product)
    The aim was to build an app for initial stage and then test the idea in real waters to derive more learnings. Working on iOS, it would give insights into:
  • How people use apps like this
  • How it interacts with the offline workflow
  • How people respond to the prospective UX/UI
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
    Using the insights we’d gained, a new version of the app was expanded to
    Android as well as to iOS, and all the existing users and vendors were smoothly
    transferred to the new platform. This meant we could continue to learn about user
    interaction at the same time that we ran product development processes. So, we
    kept learning and improving as we worked.


  • MMP (Minimum Marketable Product)
    At this stage, we had a platform that was technically apt, perfectly fit with the
    original idea, and was also market tested.
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High availability and horizontal scalability

The app experienced peak events during specific intervals, mostly lunch hour. A typical day would see almost 5000 orders thrown at the system in as little as 15 minutes. It was a tall order to ensure end-user experience remains intact when the app experiences peak loads at this scale. And given the roadmap to expand the app beyond its existing USP meant revisiting the architecture and underpinning capabilities for more demanding performance needs and smooth scalability. To achieve this, Innovify implemented enterprise principles while building the product in an agile way. This entailed two key aspects:

  • High availability design – Using the right deployment practices and ensuring load
    balancing principles, the system was always available to withstand peak loads.
  • Micro-services – Each component of the application was built decoupled from day one so that the micro-services could be deployed over multiple containers to scale the application as well as database; both horizontally and vertically

A partnership beyond web and mobile app development

If we believe in an idea’s potential, we do everything we can to bring it to reality. We don’t just make the app in exchange for equity. We create a partnership and development process based on market researched data and insights, and we work closely with the founders. Instantt being a unique and demanding B2C application meant it would require managing multiple users across multiple countries and multiple time zones. Also, we had to thoroughly inspect and validate multiple versions for smartly understanding API life cycle and replicate versions.



Meticulous execution gets another market winner!
Innovify’s approach ensured the Instantt management had the right product for the right market segment with the right business model, ensuring the app finds its place in the 10% of business ideas that succeed. And it did! Instantt grew and is still growing as a highly consumer friendly platform, bringing immense value to all its users.

What’s more, Instantt were able to celebrate their success at the UK App Awards recently, Innovify’s most successful app, taking two awards: Retail/Shopping app of the year, and Food & Drink app of the year.

Since the launch of Instantt 3.0:

13% User growth month on month

70% repeat users achieved

5* App Store reviews, bringing Instantt’s App Store rating to 4.6

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