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Model Village


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Innovify created an influencer marketing platform focused on fashion models, and that has all the features needed to turn models into micro influencers over social media platforms.


The Internet is abuzz with stories on influencer marketing platforms and how these new platforms are helping drive sponsorship value and marketing campaigns. So, when it came to building a new one in a highly contested territory, Model Village knew that their success would hinge on building the right MVP and weaving a unique story which is mapped around relevant user personas. The Innovify team was tasked to ensure rapid prototyping and building an extremely fitting MVP. The process of devising the MVP was tied to three goals – make the platform usable, useful and delightful for the intended audience and marketers alike. So, firstly it was about building a product that’s built just right, keeping customers in mind right from an early stage. And, secondly, it was about enabling smooth 3rd party integrations, notably Instagram. Leveraging and understanding analytics from 3rd party platforms such as Instagram was instrumental in judging the effectiveness of influencers, as that would help determine pricing & other allied marketing activities.

Key Objectives

  • Devising the right MVP to craft a niche in influencer marketing
  • Aesthetically engaging and future-proof UX
  • In-depth market research to achieve differentiation
  • Agile and scrum teams for faster roll-out
  • Managed teams for uninterrupted collaboration



Building the right MVP and Accelerated roll out with Managed Teams

Getting the right MVP out is vital to any agile project, as it becomes the stepping stone in intended success. Innovify helped achieve this goal by establishing a customer-centric approach that embedded customer feedback and provided meaningful & rapid iteration by leveraging collaboration.

By building the right MVP in a dramatically short time, Innovify catalyzed the process of final product development by helping the client raise additional funds for the project. This milestone was followed by deployment of managed teams, which led to two major outcomes - faster and qualitative roll-out and a fine-tuned version that effectively captured user journey, key features, UX and intended usefulness of the platform. Innovify then enabled smooth collaboration with the new product manager at Model Village to drive accelerated development using scrum teams and effective sprints.

Incessant cohesive efforts with the client resulted in Innovify contributing towards achieving desired product market fit. This helped shape Model Village into an app that could empower models who aren’t necessarily the world’s top models counting millions of followers, but those who are just as influential and have a more intimate circle of followers.

Lean Product Management with 360-degree Analytics and Insights

The idea of Model Village was essentially about building a highly user-centric digital product, which can grow into a platform that makes its content go viral. Innovify got its UX/UI, digital marketing and agile development specialists to huddle up, and together the team built a unique solution, which brand owners & marketers would love to monetize. From designing a rich & high-end look and feel to leveraging development components that facilitate smooth scalability to accommodate more capabilities & features, the Innovify team left no stone unturned to turn Model Village into a thriving platform for the influencer marketing community. We built an immersive platform for niche brands and venues that are eager to get recommended by model influencers on their socials, which helps them improve visibility amongst buzz seekers.

Differentiated Platform built with the Customer in Mind

Keeping together the keystones of user focus, business value, transparency, collaboration and technology excellence, Innovify helped launch Model Village as a platform for a growing community of satisfied model users and eager marketers. Model Village continues to convince a growing list of brands and marketers as a powerful, low-cost and innovative influence marketing platform.

Technology used

aws react


Results include a community of satisfied model users, who are all able to monetize their Instagram follower base. They are also satisfied to be able to redeem free perks in their city, enabling them to discover new venues and share them with their community of followers.

Model Village is the most powerful way for brands to instantly connect with thousands of influential fashion models with highly engaged audiences on Instagram. This platform is cost-effective and offers a targeted way to create and manage authentic micro-influencer campaigns at scale.

Model Village has, over the past three years, brought together a community of 3,000+ agency signed models with highly engaged audiences. They are professionals who treat their Instagram accounts as digital portfolios and are accustomed to working with brands, meaning they are pre-vetted content creators.

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Vikas Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, MD – India
Vikas Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, MD – India