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Innovify helped in making a unique digital marketplace which connects users who loves & want great mobile apps with developers that seek niche audience for their ideas & skills.


App Anarchy was envisioned as a unique marketplace, which connects users that love & want great apps with developers that seek great audience for their ideas & skills. Innovify helped with a meticulous cycle of steps comprising design thinking, discovery workshop, scrum sprints and compliant implementation of business model keeping in mind challenges such as GDPR mandate & more for iBeacon technology.

Project’s initial idea was evolving rapidly, as could be seen with changing goal posts, and therefore the primary challenge was to find clarity with the platform’s vision. A spate of quick changes disrupted the planned timeline and introduced several new features, and accommodating them added to complexity.

Another challenge came from the use of iBeacon technology, which enables proximity-based promotions by allowing marketers to send personalized push notifications/ messages based on user’s location. However, advent of GDPR brought this marketing technology under a strong purview of personal data regulation.

Key Objectives

  • In-depth market research
  • Discovery workshop
  • Arresting UX for innovative app idea
  • Innovative design thinking aided by agile development
  • GDPR compliant application of iBeacon technology
  • Scrum sprints to speed-up time-to-market
  • Revenue strategy modelling
  • Curated approach to app promotion



Understanding the Thought behind App Anarchy

"There’s an app for that” sounds very familiar with the way mobile apps have emerged to influence how people do their work, find convenience, shop, explore choices and transact for a myriad of activities. Digital economy has gradually evolved into “app economy”. Driven by an increasingly mobile-first consumer base, today’s app economy is poised to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry over the next few years. But founders of App Anarchy saw it differently. Great apps or great ideas on apps need not be just money-spinners, for there is plenty of room for other considerations too, such as building great platforms that connect two distinct user groups. The idea of App Anarchy came from a similar thought. It was first created as a magazine which celebrates and talks about brilliant, new apps for app fans, whilst also providing a platform for talented developers to be seen by a new and engaged audience. The apps are not picked randomly, instead they are hand-picked by expert evangelists and editors, providing readers with informed reviews and app information. This is a concerted effort to support apps from unknown developers, who would otherwise struggle for visibility in a crowded competitive environment.

Discovery Workshops to Develop a Concrete Idea

Team Innovify saw this as an example that perfectly fits the emerging Open Innovation school of thought. Open Innovation mindset promotes a more distributed, more participatory, more decentralized approach to innovation. Team Innovify visualized App Anarchy as a platform that could deliver this new way of thinking - connecting two distinct audiences to reap mutually beneficial returns. Bringing together people with great app ideas and those who can facilitate the right skills was the main idea. It had to be done right. When the team from App Anarchy approached Innovify, seeking expertise and help to bring their idea to life, Innovify swiftly recommended conducting a discovery workshop. This exercise was crucial as App Anarchy had to rise as a platform that’s far unique than the ones owned by mobile operating systems. It is a known fact that “platform wars” between mobile OS brands are largely aimed at the numbers games, and these stats are to be taken with several grains of salt. The vision of App Anarchy wasn’t about joining the race for numbers but to fill an unaddressed void. Hence, the discovery workshop sought to find answers to several important aspects which included defining the user experience, platform interface, underpinning tech architecture and the like.

Agile Project Management and Sprints

However, given extremely limited time at its disposal, Team Innovify had to condense this 2-weeks log workshop into an intense 2-day workshop, providing the client value for money, an efficient experience and a shorter route to product clarity and idea realization. Following the successful completion of discovery workshop, Innovify facilitated a quick technical build, which comprised of 8 agile sprints conducted over 4 months. Each sprint was 2 weeks long and Innovify’s agile & scrum teams ensured that each stage of the process was efficient, meeting set goals

Technology used

aws react node-js


Partnering with App Anarchy team, Innovify has contributed in launching a highly unique digital marketplace for the app economy, which holds tremendous promise for app users and talented app developers alike. Millions of mobile users around the world download apps every day, but the truth is that many of them are either uninstalled immediately or get used only rarely.

Combined efforts from App Anarchy and Innovify has helped conjured up a great new vision, which uncovers how digiratis can discover and engage with exceptional apps and find untapped development talent—also facilitating marketers and brands with opportunities to get more from such a platform.

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Vikas Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, MD – India
Vikas Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, MD – India