Bike Rental App to Solve Last Mile Connectivity


Chartered Bikes


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Innovify helped Chartered Bikes in creating a bike rental app that ensured affordable and environment-friendly last mile connectivity in 3 Indian metro cities.


The client is a well-known service provider of a few of Indian government’s flagship public transport initiatives. They provide Chartered speed buses (BRTs), Chartered trucks, and are managing Government of India’s program of ensuring last mile connectivity in 3 metro cities with chartered bikes.

They wanted to launch their own system that lets them manage bike bookings to cut down their expenses on renting 3rd party software. Payment system was also an important part of the new product along with GSM -based tracking of each of 30,000 bikes in their inventory. It was a challenging task as the product needed to meet all the government guidelines and meet their high IT security requirements. Also, a simple yet interactive user experience design was to be created so any layman person can book bikes and pay through the app in minimum steps.

They chose Innovify after a quick RFQ process as their partner to deliver this project.

Key Objectives

  • To create a simple & effective user experience that a layman person can make bookings with minimum steps
  • To create a robust product that withstands thousands of simultaneous requests and yet functions smoothly
  • To ensure a secure system to avoid any thefts pertaining to cycles
  • To provide multiple payment options to not-so-tech-savvy user to top-up his digital wallet



Impressive Design and navigation

We got started with creating a user-friendly product design and navigation. This includes narrowing down the number of screen-pages a user will see while booking and paying for a bike.

A number of minimalist design prototypes were created to try and understand their viability to be used in the product. Finally, we agreed on a version that was a sort of self-explainer.

Payment Complexity

Since most of the users were expected to be from the lower middle-class group, we came up with an idea of having a wallet for each user, so as they do not have to pay every time, they book a bike.

Also, Indians have prior experience of using wallet-based products belonging to other industries, so we were sure of its success. Hence, we pulled all strings in creating a system with smooth navigation keeping a non-so-tech-savvy user in mind.

Robust Tech System

The idea of having a wallet for each user came with a new challenge of creating a robust system that can manage thousands of user logins and wallet transactions at a time. We delivered a robust technology system to manage payments and top-up user wallets, considering all kind of security threats in mind. As most of the users will not have a credit card, we integrated options to top-up wallets from multiple banks debit cards, UPI, and one through a cash transaction as well.

Secured IT system

We ensured safeguarding two things, user data security and smooth financial transactions. Our team worked hard in creating a product that provides security cover to all user accounts and integrated secure payment options to ensure the safety of their hard-owned money. Also, regarding the security of bikes, we enabled Bluetooth locks along with GSM-based tracking of rented bikes. The position-based tracing also helped in the billing process as well.

Technology used

aws react


Within the first 3 months of launch in one city, the gross revenue touched a staggering Rs. 4 million. Innovify’s approach ensured that the client had more registered users, more bike bookings than ever, ensuring vision of last mile connectivity succeeding.

We were aware that working with a business founder with no CTO on-board always come up with a different kind of challenge. However, as an experienced mobile app development company, our agile approach and relatively faster feedback from the client enabled us to complete this mammoth work within 6 months.

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Vikas Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, MD – India
Vikas Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO, MD – India