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The BigLife project was envisaged to serve and educate millions of students on the cusp of adulthood, aimed at equipping them with complementary life skills. The project identified a growing concern and strategic need for imparting practical life skills to students transitioning from school to higher education. The goal was to build an online platform that provides a library of ready-made and purpose-built content that offers useful understanding into areas as diverse as managing personal finance, understanding financial wisdom & tools, becoming familiar with university life, coping up with relationships, leadership, food & nutrition and other practical aspects that a young student can benefit from. The primary challenge came with developing the MVP and meeting the tight deadline for a fixed project. Secondly, the content modules and the master platform for delivering content to schools and students were fraught with complexities, and the ‘class booking process’ in particular needed a lot of streamlining effort. Add to this a major limitation of having to manage within a very limited financial outlay.



With a multi-pronged approach, Innovify helped build a non-academic intervention that promised immense potential to complement academic skills with equally strategic practical life skills. Towards meeting the objective of phase-1, we provided an efficient MVP, making it possible to deliver a platform-agnostic solution working across multiple systems and accessible via a web application. Having built the web solution with PHP and YII framework, we also deployed a managed-teams model to expedite and expand the reach of the project on iOS and Android devices.

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A perfect example of education transformed through digital technology, BigLife has been delivered to its exacting requirements and vision. It is a portal designed and developed to provide ready-made practical life skill lessons and resources directly to teachers, allowing them to get on with what they do best – teach. The education system in UK, much like in every other part of the world, finds it increasingly critical to impart key, but non-statutory subjects to a growing population of millions of students. Teachers in particular have to face the burden of doing this mammoth task using their own research, their own initiative and having to deliver without support. BigLife is plugging these gaps, by becoming an innovative technology intervention partner to the concerned community of educators and parents in the UK. From devising a UX approach that easily identifies four distinct user groups (educators, teachers, parents and students) to delivering a highly efficient MVP for creating, selecting and imparting key content modules, we left no stone unturned in ensuring timely launch for phase-1, creating excellent ground for further development in phase-2.


The need for on-time and on-budget delivery might sound like a commonplace demand made by clients. However, when these limitations are discussed in the context of developing a ground-breaking technology intervention initiative, which is a not for-profit project, it demands a different level of readiness, commitment and skillsets from the Agile perspective. Innovify is proud to have pulled this off with BigLife. From bringing together the choicest ingredients of a true agile project – including design thinking, user-centered UX, in-depth research, discovery workshops and project sprints – to maximizing the potential of agile principles, we achieved timely delivery and on-budget completion.
The first phase of the project involved building the MVP under a fixed project model; the second phase involved deploying managed-teams model to develop a PHP, YII framework based web application and iOS and Android based extensions.


BigLife has successfully rolled out a highly scalable and mature solution for its vision. Given its flexibility and platform agnostic nature, the solution can be used within the classroom, at home and on the move by educational establishments, teachers and students. The platform is already being leveraged by 6 schools in the UK, helping them shake up the status quo, providing their teachers with the opportunity to impart key lessons to young students, adding to their emotional intelligence and understanding of practical life skills to lead bolder, brighter and bigger lives.

In addition to a fully functional platform, the solution is also scalable and secure to safeguard students’ privacy. Moreover, our solution has also helped BigLife raise the £500,000. This opens up tremendous scope for further roll-out across the UK.

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