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We have carved out a niche in web application development with valued consulting to serve growing businesses from different industries. We empower our clients with customized web applications built using open-source and proprietary web technologies and practices to simplify complex business workflows.

Our Web App Services

Our web app development team of highly talented individuals has helped us become the trusted partner for our clients to manage their entire web app development process. Our dedicated teams of developers are on-hand to provide assistance around the clock. The technologies that our agile teams are skilled in are as follows:

How We Do It?

We’ve refined our working processes over the past 9 years and what we now have is an efficient, condensed version of the traditional delivery model.

Typically, our end-to-end web application development service is a total of 8 sprints, 4 months. Naturally, this will always depend on the complexity of the project.

This efficient timeframe is achieved thanks to our rigorous agile and scrum practices. Every web app developer that you hire is trained in Scrum processes and eXtreme Programming

Lastly, our tools and frameworks such as JIRA, Trello, Github, Bitbucket & Slack, will help you maintain control of your project and the development process and this is because of our transparent and collaborative ethos.

Innovify Agile Delivery Model

Client Testimonials

Michelle Pilcher


“Innovify leveraged innovation design methodology as the driving force to bring the solution to life. Moreover, by keeping customer collaboration as another keystone…”

Fred Bristol

Founder & CEO, Brickowner

“Innovify has broad skill sets of Frontend & Backend to help us accelerate our product development.”


Daryll Middleton

Founder, TEAGLO

“The entire process has been really good and the final build more than meets our expectations. It was really a no-brainer for us to choose Innovify for our project…”

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Why Choose Innovify as your Web Application Development Company?

Innovify is a digital product studio for start-ups and enterprises alike, demanding the very best in web application development. Whether it is e-Commerce Web Application Development or Application Maintenance & Enhancement, we provide a wide range of digital services that are fully-flexible and available as and when you need them. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Innovify when it comes to web application development services:

  • Our strong history of web app development across multiple industries over the past 9 years.
  • UK-based account managers.
  • Experienced scrum and agile teams = faster and more efficient in project delivery.
  • It’s super easy to scale-up or scale-down your operations.
  • No operational overhead is incurred.
  • You save on recruiting time & costs.
  • Complete control over management, schedule and delivery of the project. Transparency is paramount to us.
  • There are no extra office space rental costs.
  • You save on hardware & training costs.

With a history of reliable support to plenty of companies who’ve needed to build enterprise-level web applications, let us be your trusted partner.


What is Web Application development?

Web application development process is creating application programs that inhabits on remote servers and are carried out to the user’s device over the internet through a browser interface.

What are the types of Web applications?

Initially, all the web applications can be divided into two groups. However, we can identify web applications into the following types.

  • Dynamic web application
  • Static web application
  • Portal web application
  • E-commerce
  • Content management system

What is the best platform to develop Web applications?

Here is the list of 7 Best suitable Platforms for your Web Applications.

  • AngularJs
  • Express.js
  • Symfony
  • Phalcon
  • Laravel
  • Ruby on Rails

How much does it cost to build a Web application?

You probably guessed there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. In fact, the costs to build a web application could range from $50000 to more than $5 million, depending on the platform and requirements.

What technologies are used to create a web based application?

Client-side programming –

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Zepto.js, and React.js) and frameworks (Angular, Vue, Ember, and Backbone)

Server-side programming-

  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Python (Django, Flask, Pylons)
  • Java (Spring)
  • Scala (Play)


  • MySQL (relational)
  • MongoDB (non-relational, document)
  • PostgreSQL (relational)


  • Nginx
  • Apache

Would I have complete control over the developers developing my web application?

Yes, we’d certainly work shoulder-to-shoulder with you over this and our developers will dedicatedly work on your project. You will have total access with our developers, and they’ll put in all their efforts so that we can create a web application according to your vision.

What would be my team’s core expertise and industry experience?

We have highly talented Agile software developers who have thorough knowledge and come with extensive experience in all the top-notch technologies. You’d get to know this when you’ll interact with our team members before and during development process.

What are the models of Web Applications?

  • Single web server + One Database server
  • Multiple servers + Single Database server
  • Multiple servers + Multiple Database server
  • Web Farm of Application servers