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Why US

The journey of building a minimum viable product (MVP) carries many unknown risks, which most businesses simply do not have luxury to undertake. Innovify was born out of such challenges, as the preferred option for companies to reduce & remove the risks of innovation.

In a nutshell, we are a digital product studio with over 7 years’ industry experience. We provide a wide range of digital services that are fully-flexible and available as and when you need to scale your operations. So, whether that’s MVP development services or early-stage prototyping, we provide efficient and reliable staff augmentation.

Let us be your trusted partner in providing MVP development services.

How WE Do IT

Developing an MVP shouldn’t be an arduous process, the opposite in fact. It should be a seamless process which provides the end-user real value and ultimately, an efficient MVP.

Through our experience and hard work, our process has been refined over the years. What we now have is an efficient, condensed version of the MVP delivery model:

  • Discovery & Proposal
    The discovery workshop defines the user experience, interface, tech architecture and much more. This is typically a 2-week workshop but is condensed into an intense 1-day workshop, providing the client value for money and a shorter route to idea realisation.
  • Sales
    Once the idea is realised, we progress to the contract stage and agree on the scope and cost.
  • Kick-off/Sprint 0
    The kick-off stage will comprise of 2 separate kick-offs; one with the client and one with our internal team. This will essentially set expectations for both parties and set the project in motion.
  • Iteration
    We will use Agile and Scrumban methodology to start the project design and development process and ultimately the delivery the final product to the client.
  • Final release & closure
    This will be where we release the final production build, handover it to the client and close the project.
  • Support & Maintenance
    At this stage, we provide operational and maintenance support according to the existing/new contract.

The technical, MVP build is comprised of the following:

A total of 6 sprints – 3 months

This can vary from project to project as it all depends on the technicality of the build. Each Sprint was 2 weeks long and our agile, scrum teams ensured that each stage of the process was efficient.

Our Capabilities

What is a minimum viable product (MVP)? How do you build an MVP? These are common questions that many start-up owners or even SME owners will ask themselves. Thankfully, Innovify are on hand to help and we pride ourselves on being the best MVP development company and much more.

With a diverse team of highly competent talent, we have become the trusted partner for our clients to manage their entire MVP development process. Our dedicated teams of developers and UX experts are on-hand to provide assistance around the clock.

Our developers are skilled front-end, back-end & full stack specialists. They speak the full spectrum of programming languages including the likes Python, JavaScript, JAVA and much more. This ensures that for every MVP that we build, there is an efficient and streamlined process in place. The technologies that our agile teams are skilled in are as follows:


Native Apps

Deliver outstanding experience for your native iOS and Android apps and benefit from platform specific interactions to create a seamless user experience.


Cross Platform Apps

Our best of both world approach to create native iOS & Android apps using common coding framework like Xamarin & Titanium Appcelerator.



Reduce the cost of creating and maintaining two separate mobile apps by developing web apps using modern JavaScript frameworks like React Native, Ionic, Phonegap and Corodova.

The Benefits of Choosing Innovify To Build Your MVP

  • Strong history in building MVPs across multiple industries
  • Diverse technical skillsets
  • Experienced scrum and agile teams = fast & efficient project delivery
  • Scalable and flexible options
  • Transparent and complete control over delivery process
  • No operational overhead
  • Save on recruiting time & costs
  • Managed MVP team = no headaches
  • UK-based team = no communication or time zone-related issues

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Blockchain technology is acting as a change catalyst in organisations by making key processes and systems more secure and efficient. The potential of this technology is paramount.

Our whitepaper looks into the potential of blockchain technology as well as the case for business use and application:

  • Working of blockchain technology and its business application.
  • Introduction to the FX industry, its scale and major players; blockchain makes important interventions at various stages of the FX trading process, and understanding the FX market and its working models makes these interventions easier to understand.
  • Innovative companies that are bringing out blockchain empowered solutions for the FinTech industry, primarily targeting the FX market.

We also explore how blockchain technology will likely transform the FX industry

How will blockchain change the face of the FX industry? Innovify has investigated the world of blockchain to discover its disruptive nature and its potential effect on FX-focussed companies around the world. Crucially, how this will affect the end-users and local forex industries?

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What Our clients think

Michelle Pilcher


“Innovify leveraged innovation design methodology as the driving force to bring the solution to life. Moreover, by keeping customer collaboration as another keystone…”


Charles Thackray


“Innovify leveraged innovation design methodology as the driving force to bring the solution to life. Moreover, by keeping customer collaboration as another keystone…”


Daryll Middleton

Founder, TEAGLO

“The entire process has been really good and the final build more than meets our expectations. It was really a no-brainer for us to choose Innovify for our project…”


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