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We provide ecommerce website development services that help companies grow revenue and profit faster. Our developers will help turn your ecommerce website into the most effective online selling tool for your business. Let’s discuss our development process.

B2B & B2C Ecommerce Web Development

Innovify is a proven digital innovator that is helping pragmatic businesses leverage the immense potential of digitisation to drive business growth. We have a successful track record of building multi-vendor B2B and B2C ecommerce sites that act as a single, seamless and scalable touchpoint for both businesses and consumers.

Our in-depth, hands-on knowledge of various ecommerce platforms and web technologies coupled with demonstrable experience in working on a range of challenging projects has given us comprehensive understanding of the ecommerce and marketplace ecosystem. We are your ideal partner for all your ecommerce and marketplace development needs.


From building multi-vendor online marketplaces to scalable, customised and feature-rich ecommerce websites, we are experts in unlocking the potential of digital ecommerce for our clients.

We have a team of extremely talented developers and designers with a range of technical skillsets that cut across both web and mobile platforms. This enables us to build feature rich ecommerce websites and marketplaces with UI/UX that ranks high on the usability scale; our core focus is on acting as a business enabler for our clients by using the very best of technologies and ensuring that our solutions work efficiently and securely in a constantly evolving environment.

With our comprehensive technical know how we can transform any idea into an Uber of X.

Our developers are proficient in bleeding edge front-end, back-end and full-stack online marketplace and ecommerce development technologies and have worked on a range of challenging mobile application and web application projects. We have a team of Magento certified developers who are experts in Magento customisation, Magento migration, Magento store development, ERP integration and more. Our team Shopify ecommerce developers can develop, design and scale highly customised ecommerce stores and marketplaces founded on Shopify platform.

They speak the full spectrum of programming languages including the likes of JavaScript (Angular | ReactJS | NodeJS | VueJS | ReactNative), Python, JAVA, iOS, Android, PHP and much more.

Native Apps

Cross Platform Apps


Ecommerce Development Roadmap

  • Define
    Getting started with marketplace strategy and ecommerce development process
    • Researching & assessing ecommerce marketplace idea
    • Validating proposed business idea
    • Identifying technologies, platforms & resources to build the solution
  • Design
    • Prototyping and UX/UI design
    • Rapid prototyping to deliver proof of concept for ecommerce and marketplace idea
    • Identifying and documenting core functionalities, capabilities and features to meet business purpose
    • Freezing on user-focused and intuitive design
  • Develop
    • Building MVP
    • Commence build-measure-learn lean development
    • Dogfood MVP to select internal as well as targeted first users
    • Embed feedback from dogfooding and fine-tune
  • Deliver
    • Product/market fit and launch
    • Applying learnings from MVP to create a product that works for target market
    • Comprehensive final testing and QA
    • Launch
    • Post launch maintenance and support (with Managed Teams)
    • Growth Hacking

What Our clients think

Vikas Sharma


“Innovify leveraged innovation design methodology as the driving force to bring the solution to life. Moreover, by keeping customer collaboration as another keystone…”


Prakash Pilley Innovify


ROI Driven, Customer Focused Marketplace Development

Innovify Advantage

Our development philosophy revolves around a customer first approach and agile and collaborative thinking.

By adopting “customer first thinking”, we help remove key primary barriers to help accelerate project success towards intended business goals. From conducting in-depth discovery workshops and testing proof of concepts to building the right MVP, our teams are committed to building a proficient business plan and supporting it with end-to-end expertise and advanced technology.

With our highly analytical, collaborative and data-driven approach, we are trusted experts in enabling a more streamlined, faster and reliable implementation of digital marketplace. By helping customers take a departure from traditional ways of working, we maximise the potential of agile thinking & lean product development to successfully leverage meaningful & rapid iterative development.

Benefits We Bring to the Table

  • Strong previous history across multiple industries
  • Proven expertise across diverse ecommerce platforms
  • Experienced scrum and agile teams = faster and more efficient
  • Secure, scalable, flexible and transparent
  • Collaborative relationship with experts
  • Easy to scale-up or scale-down operations
  • You can move to a managed teams model
  • ROI driven approach that focuses on product marketability and profitability
  • Ability to meet even the most demanding project deadlines
  • Ecommerce and marketplaces integrated with latest technology like AI, AR and VR
  • Emphasis is on delivering useful features that drive customer engagement
  • Ecommerce and marketplaces configured for growth

How We Do It?

Through our experience and hard work, our process has been refined over the years. What we now have is an efficient, condensed version of the delivery model which is built over Scrum.

Every Dedicated Developer you hire is pre-trained for Scrum processes and eXtreme Programming principles. They also have mastered the art of Test Driven Development and knows that Software Craftsmanship is an efficient way of building the next big product. Our Tools and Frameworks viz. JIRA, Slack, Github, Bitbucket & Trello, ensure that you have full visibility of what the team is doing and hence reinforcing the trust equivalent to inhouse teams.

Recent Ecommerce Development Projects


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Why should I opt for ecommerce website development for my business?

In these times, people have less time to purchase items by actually going to stores, they prefer to browse their mobile devices, tablets, or PC and shop online. An ecommerce site of your business boost your chances in capturing the market base from your competitors.

How Innovify will help me in creating an impressive ecommerce website?

Innovify has the best of developers who are well experienced in creating awesome, user friendly websites. We ensure that your website loads fast, is easy to use, looks professional and attractive, while making sure that you are able to fulfill orders promptly. We do all this in the most affordable pricing structure and offer kickass support.

What security risks that are involved in operating an ecommerce website?

Integrity, availability, and confidentiality- these are the three dimensions of security for ecommerce owners. Data encryption methods for all data transactions is important in order to foil any any attempt to gain access to confidential customer data.

Is there any limit on customer database? And how many products I can simultaneously display?

There are NO limits on the number of products on the website, and the the customer database that you can have access to. You can see Amazon’s website for example, n number of products are display simultaneously.

How can I choose the best platform for my ecommerce business website?

Consider ensuing a few points that may help in choosing the best platform before getting started with your ecommerce website development. A few of the platforms can handle inventory tracking while many platforms don’t. On the top of that, design options, payment gateways, website security, third party tools integration, and pricing needs to be considered before finalizing on the platform.

How much does an ecommerce website development cost?

Probably there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. In fact, the costs to build an ecomemrce website could range from $50000 to more than $5 million, depending on the platform and requirements.

What next?

Reach out to us by filling the form above on this page and one of our representatives will contact you via email or phone to discuss your idea. Generally, we do not take more than a week to start with the project. So, let’s get started.