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Dedicated Software Development Teams

Innovify offers dedicated development teams for a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of companies. Hence, if you’re looking to hire dedicated developers, tech enthusiasts who can go beyond their potential to assist you in building custom software applications, then you’re at the right place!

Our Capabilities

Our dedicated development software teams are on-hand to provide assistance around the clock. Whole teams, or team extensions are available depending on your technical needs. Our software developers are skilled front-end, back-end & full stack specialists. They speak the full spectrum of programming languages including the likes of  JavaScript (Angular | ReactJS | NodeJS | VueJS | ReactNative), Python, JAVA, iOS, Android, PHP  and much more. This ensures any project is no issue, and any team extension is seamless.

Why Us?

Innovify Advantage

When you hire a developer, we’ll assist you to achieve more with less with our lean and agile principles. This is encapsulated by our scrum teams and agile processes, which enables us to test the market quickly and efficiently. In turn, this creates true value as the output is to highest possible to standard, but on a quicker timeframe due to our streamlined approach.

Our London, UK based account managers streamline the projects efficiently, allowing for a clear line of communication and time zone issues.

Moreover, we work very closely with all of our clients, and it is this collaborative nature which means we’re fully able to execute their vision with complete clarity. Hire dedicated developers for any of your projects with a customized plan that fits in your budget. Let us be your trusted partner in providing dedicated software development teams as well as managed IT staffing services.

What Our Clients Think

Fred Bristol

Founder & CEO, Brickowner

“Innovify has broad skill sets of Frontend & Backend to help us accelerate our product development.”


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How We Do It?

Through our experience and hard work, our process has been refined over the years. What we now have is an efficient, condensed version of the delivery model which is built over Scrum.

Every dedicated software developer you hire is pre-trained for Scrum processes and eXtreme Programming principles. They also have mastered the art of Test Driven Development and knows that Software Craftsmanship is an efficient way of building the next big product. Our Tools and Frameworks viz. JIRA, Slack, Github, Bitbucket & Trello, ensure that you have full visibility of what the team is doing and hence reinforcing the trust equivalent to inhouse teams.

Innovify Agile Delivery Model

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Strong previous history across multiple industries
  • Diverse skillsets
  • Experienced scrum and agile teams = faster and more efficient
  • Secure, scalable, flexible and transparent
  • Collaborative relationship with experts
  • Easy to scale-up or scale-down operations
  • No operational overhead
  • Save on recruiting time & costs
  • Control over management, schedule and delivery of project
  • No extra office space rental costs
  • Save on hardware & training costs
  • No late time-to-market revenue losses

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