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As a top rated automation testing company, we understand the need to adopt a holistic approach towards test automation, since applying theoretical ways only limits the effects. Our experience driven framework for automation testing services allow clients to opt for open source tools, which in turn keeps costs down.

Benefits of Working with Innovify

Better Test Coverage

Automated testing, unlike manual testing, delivers much greater test coverage when it comes to processing large data intensive applications

Optimize Testing Activities

Automated testing reduces tester’s time, allowing him to focus on testing extra functionality where manual tests are required.

Increased Productivity

Automation testing increases productivity by reducing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.

Faster Time to Market

Automated tests are much faster than manual tests that takes days to complete. Automated tests can run in parallel, and on multiple devices or platforms simultaneously, delivering a better quality product faster.

Increased Cost Savings

Whether it’s a long-term project, data-intensive application, or any product that requires regular testing, automated testing gives more efficient results than manual testing, as they can run as many times as needed, in terms of costs.

Rule Out Human Error

In manual testing, during lengthy or repetitive testing, an engineer may accidentally skip a scenario step or document an error. QA automation testing minimizes this risk and improves product quality by conducting repetitive tests in a consistent manner.

Innovify’s Automation Testing Services

Mobile Automation Services

Innovify is a highly acclaimed name in the testing automation industry when it comes to delivering top-notch testing services. We have a well-trained and highly experienced team of testers specialized in manual, automated, and advanced QA techniques.

Regression Testing Services

Innovify provides reliable and cost-effective software testing services. We ensure that your products are functioning well before they land in the market. Our testing personnel perform regression testing as part of the quality assurance of your project and to ensure the highest quality of products.

Web App Automation Testing Services

Innovify provides automated, semi-automated, manual functional testing capabilities ensuring all the front and back end application components function well and as originally planned.

Software Testing Automation

QA testing team at Innovify checks your software in and out. It makes repairs on all bugs detected, ensuring there are no new bugs. Testers make sure the interaction between application components and modules is seamless.

Web Service Testing Services

Managing all web services single-handedly can be very complex. Innovify simplifies your task with a unique approach to web services testing that will not only save you time and money, but also manual regression testing. We address the overall architecture and interaction of services, using the best testing tools and testing approaches to focus on functional, inter-operational, performance and security testing.

Hire Automation Testing Experts

Got a new software project and looking to hire a tester?

If you are looking to hire a software tester, you’ve come to the right place. Innovify offers full-cycle quality assurance and software testing services for both web and mobile applications. We have an in-house team of test engineers who ensure that your developed application meets all necessary and stringent quality standards.

Quality is a Challenge and at Innovify we help you find the best solution

Innovify is composed of seasoned professionals with solid technical backgrounds and complex
project experience. The company’s sole function is to deliver high-end software testing and QA services, which we accomplish through our expert testing team. We hugely invest in our technology expertise to create the best-fit combination of infrastructure, tools and resources based on your project goals. Our testing tool list includes open-source, free, and commercial solutions.

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Innovify Automation Framework

Delivering Fast Results and Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

Innovify’s QA automation framework brings together the power of industry-standard tools, automation best practices, custom drivers and connectors, and sophisticated reporting. Our automation testing solutions are highly flexible and easy to maintain, providing you a fully automated experience, whether on desktop or mobile.

QA Automation testers at Innovify are highly skilled and have average field experience of 3 to 5 years, delivering faster and reliable services without sacrificing quality. We help clients one-up their competition by providing them an innovative Automation Framework offers robustness, broader test coverage, and better results visibility.

qa automation testing framework

Why companies need Automation Testing Services

QA automation testing is an efficient way to ensure that your new software does not break functionality or contains new bugs.

Compared to manual testing, automated software testing offers many benefits in addition to cutting costs radically reduce, optimize development workflows and improve the quality of your final product dramatically.

Looking to speed up your release cycles and get your products to market faster?

Save Time and Release Your Product Faster with Innovify, the most reliable test automation company in London with a dedicated team of top-of-the-line automation engineers.

Importance of Test Automation in Different Sectors

In today’s competitive world of business, more and more companies are starting to automate their business, IT and development processes. For that they’re looking for IT automation engineers to help develop, test and implement automation technology. Innovify caters to a variety of industries including e-Commerce, Health, Education, Retail, Communication, IT, and Finance.

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What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is a technique that uses an automation tool to write and execute tester’s test scripts and cases. The goal of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not eliminate Manual Testing altogether.

What steps are involved to execute an Automation Process?

Automation Process includes the following steps:

  • Selecting relevant test tool
  • Define the scope of automation
  • Planning, design and development
  • Test execution
  • Maintenance

How to choose the right QA Automation Testing tool?

Selecting the right automation testing tool depends on 4 major factors:

  • Project and Requirement
  • Documentation and Resources
  • Knowledge of QA tool’s resources
  • Truncated solutions

Is Automated Testing better than Manual Testing?

Manual testing is painstakingly long and time-consuming. The testing is performed by a human to ensure the application performs as expected. While automation testing is performed by automated tools that speed up the testing process, reducing the amount of manpower required to test the product.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a quality assurance service offered by Innovify whereby bugs are uncovered during a previous quality assurance review are “regressed” to ensure that they have been fixed by the developers; and no new bugs are created as a result of the fixes.

How Can Automation Testing Help Me?

Automation testing checks and measures a software application’s performance and usability. QA testing is integral to the software’s perceived quality. Even the most interesting and marketable software product will suffer in popularity if it exhibits cumbersome usability.