We have prepared in-depth reports that addresses issues or problems regarding a particular technology, services, and provided solutions as well. We have performed extensive research to demystify complex subjects (DevOps, Industry 4.0), identify solutions to industry-wide problems (for MVPs, Scale-ups), and examined new trends and opportunities associated with certain sectors (eCommerce, Blockchain in Forex).

  • devops-infographics-cover
    DevOps Infographics – DevOps trends to watch in 2020
    Mixture of cultural philosophies and practices that will increase an organization's ability to supply applications and offerings at a high velocity. Evolving and enhancing pro
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  • devops-whitepaper
    Everything you need to know about DevOps
    The global DevOps marketing size is estimated to reach US$12.85 billion by 2025, a recent study by Grand View Research claimed. We have compiled this whitepaper in such a way
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  • staff-augmentation-whitepaper
    Reliable and Cost-effective Staff Augmentation Strategies
    In this whitepaper, we present you with insights into the staff augmentation model to in-board the right talent in your organisation. Since the evolution of technology has not
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  • automation-testing-infographic-cover
    Increasing Scope of Automation Testing – Infographic
    Quality assurance in software development was an ever-tedious task for testers. Especially when they had to do everything manually. With the rise of various time saving testin
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  • Are You Ready to Scale-up? Assess now before Fund-raising
    Receiving a Series A round is one of the most important stepping stones for a start-up. Keeping in mind that the funding will be larger than an initial seed round, start-ups n
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  • Everything you wanted to know about MVP and why they are important
    Nowadays, developing an MVP before creating the product is a common practice. The concept is to get end-user feedback before developing the final product. This feedback helps
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  • blockchain-whitepaper
    Blockchain Driving Transformation in the Forex Industry
    Blockchain technology is acting as a change catalyst in organisations by making key processes and systems more efficient and secure. Our whitepaper comments on the potential o
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  • ecommerce-whitepaper
    Are you listening to what your customers are saying?
    Having a second-guess about whether your omnichannel strategies are working for your eCommerce business? Well, you’re in the elite company of giants like Yahoo!, which is qu
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  • PropTech 4.0 – What to Expect in 2020
    Real estate sector is the last one to adopt new technology, hence it has created an environment for Proptech start-ups to make their mark. In this piece, you’ll get a birds-
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  • Industry 4.0 – Fourth Industrial Revolution
    The world around us is undergoing rapid digital transformation. This latest wave of technological advancement i.e. Industrial Revolution 4.0 promises to change our lives beyon
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