Converza at the World’s Best Tech Conference- ALPHA Web Summit!

Incubated at Innovify, Converza has been selected to exhibit at the Alpha Web Summit, where it will be joining the founders of Slack, Stripe, Pixar, Tinder, OnePlus and more in Dublin this November!

Ram Punjani & Uday Shah, Founders, Converza would be attending the web summit, “It’ll be a great networking experience where most interesting tech companies across all sectors, stages and geographies would meet. Indeed it would be an experience of a lifetime!”, said Ram.

Converza is a personalized conversation network where content discovery and discussion are seamlessly integrated to create a network of like minded users. Innovify refined the vision as well as the idea and converted into many new
features like micro-networks, discussion groups, instant messaging and much more.

Innovify refined the vision & idea converting them into many new features like micro-networks, discussion groups, instant messaging and much more.

Innovify is an end to end product management company, with a focus on start-ups, offering a range of expertise to help organisations manage the entire product development lifecycle at substantially reduced costs. Know More

Why Innovify is your best Scale-up Partner?

Having worked with many start-ups and scale-ups over the years, Innovify has experienced many of these challenges first-hand. Therefore, we can offer our learnings and experience, to stop you from making the same mistakes that others have in the past.

We can also offer:

  1. Expertise: in scaling products, and deploying product teams and tech infrastructures at scale.
  2. Flexibility: for you to scale up or down as per your product roadmap and thus keeping your cashflow burn to the minimum.
  3. Full IP ownership: of the product remains with you, not owned by us. We offer a full IP ownership for all the work done by us on your project.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: we are up to 43% cheaper as compared to a typical in-house scrum teams on a like-for-like basis ensuring minimal overheads and better productivity.
  5. Pay for outcomes: unlike others, we price for outcomes and not for time spent. Meaning greater cost-efficiency and innovation for your company, without the risk.
  6. Closer to you: Innovify is London based, with a dedicated team who can be onsite as and when you need them.

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