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Innovify is a digital product studio for start-ups and enterprises alike, demanding the very best in innovations consultancy and development services. Over the course of 7 years since our inception, Innovify has had the good fortune of working with plenty of established clients across various industries. The most notable of these industries being the finance sector.

In terms of clients, we’ve recently worked with likes of Xendpay, Beta Risk, Pay Zilch and much more. Working with such clients has taught us a lot about the industry; the opportunities, the risks, what works and what doesn’t.

What this has also taught us is what our clients from the financial services sector expect and demand. At Innovify, we put these expectations into action. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Innovify:

  • Our strong history of enterprise app development across multiple industries over the past 7 years.
  • UK-based account managers.
  • Experienced scrum and agile teams = faster and more efficient in project delivery.
  • It’s super easy to scale-up or scale-down your operations.
  • No operational overhead is incurred.
  • You save on recruiting time & costs.
  • Complete control over management, schedule and delivery of the project. Transparency is paramount to us.
  • There are no extra office space rental costs.
  • You save on hardware & training costs.

With a history of reliable support to plenty of companies who’ve needed a range of development services, let us be your trusted partner.

Whitepaper: BlOckchain & The FX Industry


Blockchain technology is acting as a change catalyst in organisations by making key processes and systems more secure and efficient. The potential of this technology is paramount.

Our whitepaper looks into the potential of blockchain technology as well as the case for business use and application:

  • Working of blockchain technology and its business application.
  • Introduction to the FX industry, its scale and major players; blockchain makes important interventions at various stages of the FX trading process, and understanding the FX market and its working models makes these interventions easier to understand.
  • Innovative companies that are bringing out blockchain empowered solutions for the FinTech industry, primarily targeting the FX market.

We also explore how blockchain technology will likely transform the FX industry

How will blockchain change the face of the FX industry? Innovify has investigated the world of blockchain to discover its disruptive nature and its potential effect on FX-focussed companies around the world. Crucially, how this will affect the end-users and local forex industries?

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What Our clients think

William Lorenze

Co-Founder & COO, KWANJI

“Innovify has been Kwanji’s development provider since our inception. Maulik has also acted as our part-time CTO to great affect and has been instrumental in shaping product strategy and architecture…”


Fred Bristol


“Innovify has got a cross functional Agile Team which allows you to scale up your business and use different technology skills within the team as and when you need it.”




“Innovify has been integral in building our p2p platform. We have engaged them since October 2013 and they designed it with us and as our needs changed and as we grew…”



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