Instantt Case Study - Innovify - Digital Innovation & Transformation Company

Since the launch of Instantt 3.0:

13% User growth month on month

70% repeat users achieved

5* App Store reviews, bringing Instantt’s App Store rating to 4.6

Instantt’s core value proposition was to provide users with a platform whereby they can place an order and skip the queue. With beginnings at Canary Wharf, Instantt gained its initial traction with busy workers in the area who needed a shortcut when it came to picking up lunches.

But what were the key behaviours we discovered when we tested the app? And how did this shape Instantt’s UX before the launch of v.3.?

Empathising with the customer base to define and set priorities

Instantt launched version 2 of its app in April 2016. To build its customer base and penetrate the market even further, Instantt’s user journeys needed to be analysed to highlight key areas for redefinition and growth. We investigated the web analytics data from v.2. to understand user journey patterns and identify where Instantt’s UX could be optimised. We found two key user behaviours: users were inclined to order again, and use the app to explore surrounding food outlets.

Ideation and validation

As part of our diligent user journey mapping process we produced paper wireframes and a visual design for the app. The result was a fully fledged prototype for user testing.

To validate our assumptions, we gathered more feedback. We consulted with growth hackers to map the full analytical data behind the UX, and identify the blockages which we could be lifted to facilitate growth. We combined this information to produce designs for both web and mobile.

Instantt success!

Instantt were able to celebrate their success at the UK App Awards recently, Innovify’s most successful app, taking two awards: Retail/Shopping app of the year, and Food&Drink app of the year. 2018 will be a big year for Instantt, click here to see what Instantt has in store…