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Top 5 Ways To Revamp Your Digital Strategy

If your e-commerce site is currently underperforming, or if you just want to see how much further you can push your online success, take a look at these five quick ways to turbocharge your digital strategy for retail: Onsite search, Voice search, Checkout, Product detail, Customer service

Agile Hack #6- support from management

Management’s support for Agile development is very crucial when there’s a lack of it, it becomes a common cause of software project failures. Management is sometimes surprised or unprepared for things to slow down as teams learn Agile. It may take years, not months, to implement Agile development fully into an organisation.

Agile Hack # 4- planning & estimation

Some believe there is little or no planning with Agile. In fact, there is detailed planning. The difference with Agile is that planning is ongoing instead of a one-time event that gets signed off at the beginning of the development cycle, which occurs at varying levels of complexity and granularity.

Agile Hack # 2- Teamwork is not natural

A team should constantly focus on how they work, making sure that stories get done, & on how processes can be improved. In general, people don’t get continuous training for this, & it is just assumed that the average developer can do it ‘naturally’ or training the team only once will give them an Agile mindset.