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We’re delighted to announce the details of our latest instalment of #ProductTalks, our popular series of talks featuring some of the most impressive people in product. Our latest talk takes place on Wednesday 10th July and there are three speakers on the bill. These are Pam Hernandez, Maulik Sailor and Simon Curran. They’ll be sharing their experience when it comes to hacking your career in the field of product management. Lastly, and as always, there will be a chance to pick their brains during a Q&A at the end.

Pam Hernandez, Head of Product at ChargedUp

Pam has more than seven years’ experience in product across the enterprise and start up world. Her varied career has led her to being the Head of Product at Boiler Room where she enjoyed the challenges of an ever-changing media landscape More recently, she’s the head of . Her talk, entitled My First 90 Days in PM at a Startup, will focus around how you negotiate the first few difficult days and weeks in business. You’ll learn how to expect the unexpected and how understanding and owning product is key to your success. You will also discover how setting 30, 60 and 90 day plans is key to road-mapping your success.

Maulik Sailor, CEO of Innovify

Our very own Maulik Sailor is up next. Having founded Innovify in 2011 he has led the development of countless digital products, building on his 15-year career developing and transforming digital strategy. His talk, The Career Path of a Product Manager, will discuss the various career paths open to product managers and how you can build and develop your skill set to open more doors along the way. Maulik is passionate about introducing the entrepreneurial mindset into everything he does and this will really come across during his talk.

Simon Curran, Associate Product Manager at TripAdvisor

Simon Curran

Simon is an Associate Product Manager at TripAdvisor and has previously worked at both Shazam and Skyscanner. He also runs an insightful blog about Product Management. His talk, Breaking into Product, will make this almost impossible task seem a lot less daunting. It can seem like a bit of a Catch-22 situation – you need experience to land a role but you can’t get experience without having already had a position. But Simon will explain how it can be done, including tips on how to land an interview and how to thrive in the first few months.

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The event takes place at our WeWork Tower Bridge base and tickets for the evening are on sale now.

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As always, after the talks there will be a Q&A session where you can address any particular questions you might have, and the beer/cider and pizza afterwards is on us. There will also be a chance to network with some of the other up and coming talents in Product. We look forward to seeing you there.

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