#ProductTalks – Hack your career in product management


The latest in our ever-popular series #ProductTalks took place on Wednesday 10th July and was a yet another big success. Featuring three speakers sharing their ideas and experience in the field of digital product, the audience was treated to some unrivalled insight and expertise into how to hack a career in product management. At the end of the talks, a lively Q&A session gave them the further opportunities to ask questions related to their carriers, and the free beer and pizza fuelled a positive networking session.

What to expect in a start-up environment

First up to speak was Pam Hernandez. Based on her more than seven years’ experience in product across the enterprise and start up world, her talk covered what to expect during the first 30, 60 and 90 days of a start up. Pam went on to explain the importance of transferable skills and the why you need to manage expectations and own the product road map. She also outlined how you should always expect the unexpected when working in a start up environment.

See her presentation slides here.

What does the future hold?

Next up was our very own Maulik Sailor. His talk, The Career Path of a Product Manager, discussed the various career paths open to product managers and how you can build and develop your skill set to open more doors along the way. He focused on the universally accepted views of a product manager and how various roles can fit into and extend this understanding. Maulik also took a closer look at the alternative view of a product manager and the various roles that can crop up if you follow this career path.

Download his presentation here.

How to break into the industry

Simon Curran

Lastly, but no means leastly, Simon Curran delivered a talk about how to break into product management. Simon knows better than most the challenges you can face trying to become a product manager, and explained how to get around the Catch 22 situation of needing experience to get a job but needing a job to get experience. He explained how you should develop your skills to fill gaps in the market and your CV, as well as how to find the best roles within the industry. There were useful tips on the interview process and some invaluable insight into what to expect if you land a role.

Download his presentation slides here.

#ProductTalks from Innovify

We hope that everyone who came found the talks as useful and insightful as we did. We’d like to thank all the speakers and everyone who attended and look forward to our next #ProductTalks event. We’ll have more information about this and all our other upcoming events as soon as its available.

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