Innovify’s #ProductTalks: Growth Hacking 101 – everything you need to know

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The latest installment in our #ProductTalks series took place last week on the 18th June. Our four speakers delivered engaging, interesting and insightful talks about their specialist areas, providing invaluable advice to attendees about how to drive growth through effective hacks. This included detailed presentations on the value and nature of using influencers to build your brand, how effective account management can increase growth over time, and how an engaged community can play an integral role in both crowdfunding and your overall success.

Effective strategies for driving growth

Alizee Varloud kicked off the event with a talk about the top six strategies to drive growth in a start-up environment. She focused on the importance of knowing your audience, spending time to find out who you are talking to and understanding you could offer them. This informs the decision-making process and helps you to invest your time where it most matters. She stressed the importance of having the right tools for the job and how best to build your team to deliver growth. Another important message was to develop ways of retaining customers through investment.

You can view her slides here.

How influencers are changing the game

Next up was Ryan McKinnia, Sales Director of the leading influencer marketing platform Influencer. Ryan gave us a detailed breakdown of exactly what an influencer is and how they can be such a powerful tool for your brand. He provided us with some examples, both good and bad, of the power of influencers and how they can be used to hack growth for your brand.

You can view his slides here.

Consistency is key

Ryan was followed by Angelica Malin, an entrepreneur, broadcaster, founder and Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine. Her talk focused on how to grow your brand through effective and engaging content. The key is to understand your readership and gaining an insight into the spaces online where this can be encouraged to grow. There were also some insightful tips into how to create the best content and how to harness the power of social media.

You can view her slides here.

The importance of community

Closing the evening was Aidan Cramer. Aidan is the CEO of JobLab and spoke about how important an engaged community can be to successful growth of your business. He also focused on how crowdfunding can be a very effective short cut to growth alongside more conventional forms of investment.

You can view his slides here.

Innovify’s #ProductTalk Series

We will be releasing in-depth articles on each of the topic areas that our speakers have spoken on over the next few weeks. So please stayed for those!

Once again, we were delighted to able to host all four speakers and found all of their insights and experience to be of great value.

We’d also like to thank all the everyone who attended and look forward to our next #ProductTalks event, How To Hack Your Career In Product Management. This takes place on Wednesday 10th July and tickets are now on sale, get yours HERE!

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