Innovify launches crowdfunding campaign to address high failure rate in UK start-ups

Having identified the problems faced by aspiring British entrepreneurs, Innovify launched its crowdfunding campaign. Innovify has been host to many successful startups in London. It has worked closely with startups to realize that many startups fail despite of well established ecosystems. The actual problem lies with the core team that has a CTO who doesn’t have general product management acumen and fails to follow Agile based Lean development practices.

Innovify gives end-to-end solutions while developing an aspiring startup’s product through three structured steps- Ideate | Incubate | Accelerate and hand-holds them to success. Innovify joins hands with a company as their CTO and helps it develop cost and time efficient business solutions.

In order to bridge the gap between technical aid & appropriate skill-set and experience, this crowdfunding campaign by Innovify on seedrs targets £250,000 with aim of incubating at least 10 startups.

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