Find the right managed and dedicated development team with this 7-point guide

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If you have decided to explore a dedicated team or managed team model for development, the next step is to search for the right partner who can provide the perfect managed team that aces project development every single time.

This isn’t easy because there are plenty of companies who are trying to make the most of this model to earn quick profits. It’s imperative to avoid such companies; the best-managed team services providers are those whose core objective is client benefit and once that is achieved, look at their own revenue streams and profitability.

As a company offering managed team services to clients across the globe, we have identified 7 parameters you must look at, in order to pick the right managed teams, the kind that will live up to your expectations:

1. Extensive Tech Expertise

What separates the best managed team services providers from the rest is ‘tech knowledge’. The development teams at Innovify have comprehensive expertise in the various technologies that help us build world-class products. For us, tech buzzwords are not just buzzwords, but we ensure we are able to make use of the newest technologies for client benefit. Our development teams are well-versed in building products and services based on third platform technologies and also have the skill sets to use new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain on client projects.

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2. Strong Communication Skills

English is the language of business in many countries across the world and the natural language of business in the UK.  When it comes to conveying your ideas about the project, your specific requirements and the objectives you wish to achieve, your message shouldn’t be lost on its recipients. You must be able to communicate in a language you understand and speak perfectly and your managed teams must be able to perfectly understand the information you are conveying. The team members must also be able to convey their thoughts, opinions, suggestions coherently and confidently.  Our excellent communication skills ensure, you will be on the same page as your managed team; this guarantees successful, client-driven product development.

3. On-Shore Presence – Available in the Same Time Zone

Innovify has an onshore presence in London, UK; whenever you engage with us, a representative from our team can sit face-to-face and discuss the problems you want to address, and its solutions. You have direct access to our team in your time zone. In countries where we do not have an onshore presence, we appoint a local product owner/account manager on contract, who engages with clients in their time zone. This contractor and Innovify will take full responsibility for project delivery. Even in this scenario, you have the benefit of meeting your product/owner and contractor face to face to discuss your problems and finding a solution for them.

In both cases, the person you are directly engaging with, the direct contact can also directly engage with the offshore team sitting in India.

4. Comprehensive Cross-Sector Expertise

You must work with a dedicated team services provider who has long-standing experience of delivering such services. This ensures you are working with a seasoned company that recognises all the benefits and challenges of such a model and has already implemented steps to address these challenges and thus forge a seamless working model.

Also, of import is sector-specific knowledge of the team that is working with you. Our teams have built a strong knowledge profile that cuts across various sectors and we take steps to ensure this knowledge is growing continuously. We believe each and every sector can be empowered by tech and made more customer oriented, productive and profitable.  We have the ability to put this belief into practice.

5. Collaborative Thinking

A great product is the outcome of the efforts of both the client and the product development team. The development process shouldn’t exist in a silo wherein the product owner is unaware of the product development process and its various stages once the development starts. The product development process is also best served if there is sustained collaboration between the development team and client during the requirements gathering process.

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6. Strong Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Organisations across the world, across business domains, are facing cyber-attacks, resulting in the loss of confidential company and customer data. You must work with a managed or dedicated team services provider who understands the need for protecting client data by ensuring their data systems adhere to the highest levels of security and privacy.

At Innovify, we understand that a responsible managed team services company should protect all customer data and therefore hold a Cyber Essentials certificate. This is proof that we have the requisite cybersecurity measures in place to protect your data.

7. Lean and Agile Practices

Our managed teams have a successful track record of using lean and agile practices to accelerate product delivery.  The core focus is on an iterative approach to product development that has shorter feedback loops and which is more disciplined.  This enables us to check the product for bugs and errors at various stages of product development, thus ensuring a high-quality product that delivers tremendous ROI for our clients.

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What customers are looking for from their managed team services providers is Expertise and Accountability. If you keep the above pointers in mind, you will definitely be able to zero in on a managed team that has the necessary expertise to handle even the most challenging projects and will do so being accountable and committed to project success.



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