Entrepreneurial Tip #3: Team is EVERYTHING. Work towards keeping the team motivated

3. The wrong team

The team is EVERYTHING. Here are the most common mistakes that block creating a motivated team aligned to business growth

  • Wasting time and focus trying to get all the skills in-house rather than using committed partners like Innovify to deliver the initial requirements, allowing owners to focus on the business side
  • Not letting team members contribute to the product – this kills team creativity and excludes them as valuable stakeholders
  • Hiring for short-term/immediate needs. This can lead to both (a) firing them once the job is accomplished, leading to insecurity in other team members and (b) continuing to divert funds to non-essential activities, leading to cash burnouts
  • Lack of clarification of roles and responsibilities, leading to confusion on the floor
  • Ejecting under-performers from the organisation quickly – laggards can pull an entire company down
  • Judging teams only on their competence and not their beliefs/values that relate to the business. Remember: competencies can be learned but not the values

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