Emerging Tech Trends In 2016

Technology has come a long way; with 2016 unfolding, we have so many more advancements to look forward to. This is my take on technologies that 2016 will provide a platform to. 

  1. Intelligent cars – they would be self-driving, less polluting & connected!
  2. Robotics – All becoming part of daily life now. It comes in all shapes and forms and look like Terminator; would soon be a reality…
  3. Virtual/Augmented Reality – Samsung gears, Oculus, etc have continuously advancing this. soon we will be able to see real merged with the virtual world becoming part of routine life. This is where all the exciting things will happen.

  1. IOT in normal things – currently a lot of IOT gadgets are coming up but very few are embedded in normal day-to-day tools. However, this will soon be part of our daily life with pretty much everything connected with each other.
  2. Living by Algorithms – This is already happening, with match-making, routing, recommendations, etc all driven using big-data and algorithms. Eventually, we will become slaves to the algorithms, overly dependent on them to make all our life decisions.
  3. Device-less communication – currently smartphones are the top devices for communication, eventually they will disappear and all the telecommunication capabilities embedded within a person’s body. So I would be able to speak to and see a person based in a different country without actually making a phone call. My body itself would be an IOT, with augmented reality making this happen.

So eventually, we will have all the things connected to the internet, mining all the data, and responding to individuals needs. Individuals becoming more dependent on these things to take their own decisions.

Brace yourselves to live in a world which would be more virtual than real. Ironically, it also means that individuals will interact more with robots in the real world and real persons in the virtual world.