A Startup Product is just not a terrific & unique idea, It is a smart solution to a customer need.

The common myth which we discovered among most of the young aspiring startup entrepreneurs is that they start with a blank sheet to jot down ideas and keep hunting for the unique idea which can be comparable to google or facebook or whatsapp. They believe that any idea that is unique and never heard of can make them a billion dollar company. Partially yes but mostly no.

Creativity is wonderful. But creativity that isn’t linked to making money is just a hobby. It isn’t a viable business concept. And the reason you are trying to come with a new idea is, ultimately, to make money. What we miss out here is the dimension of the customer / user. Every successful startup actually addresses a customer need / problem.

Remember, customer drives individuals to form companies. Every large corporation has evolved because of the customer / user. To understand it deeper, let’s see the case of Whatsapp (Recently acquired for a huge sum, driving the startup space to be more creative). The Problem was a messaging system which is not operator / device dependent (Blackberry), not OS dependent (iMessage) and is full of features (continuously updates). That’s where WhatsApp exactly placed itself and hence generated value.

To read further for the inspiration please see http://www.forbes.com/sites/actiontrumpseverything/2013/09/15/to-create-a-successful-product-dont-start-with-a-blank-piece-of-paper-start-with-a-customer-need/

Hence: Make your life easier. Start with trying to solve a customer need, not with a new idea.



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