ERP as a SERVICE - Innovify

Innovation With Brahmin Solutions Increased Revenue And Business On-Boarding

By: Maulik Sailor

In: Case Study

Intro Data

78+ paying users in 3 months of launch

Revenue up by $70,000

Conversion ratio earlier: 60 – 1 | Now – 20 – 1

Daily hours saved 5 hours


Brahm of Brahmin Solutions and his father had years of experience with inventory and warehouse management. They were looking for a stable IT partner to develop robust, enterprise and inventory management software that would cater to the needs of small businesses. They previously employed a development team and were not satisfied with the output as they had not followed the process well and were not reliable.

However, long product lifecycles, buggy framework and a lack of automated testing put them at a severe disadvantage. Also, planning, feature integration, and streamlining processes took up most of Brahm’s time and attention, shifting his core focus from business development.

Key Objectives

  • Align the technology roadmap to business goals
  • Streamline the development process for quality delivery
  • Assign a SCRUM Master
  • Ensure high availability for the system
  • Reduce product development time

Brahmin Solutions needed a partner to help them gain actionable insights from their system and manage challenging technology and client expectations.


When Brahm Solutions approached Innovify, our first task was to transform it from a traditional waterfall approach to a forward-thinking Agile organization. A team of 8 people used SCRUM to implement Agile and met primary business objectives in just 6 months:

  1. We adopted a scalable platform architecture with the ability to iterate on product development, creating a solid foundation for future development. This led to improvement in three major areas – stability, scalability, and performance.
  2. With a continuous delivery pipeline, we were able to bring new features to production, quickly and reliably. Every feature was tested prior to rollout, validating the new functionality and preventing bugs from affecting existing users.
  3. 3) Our last step was to implement automated test framework to increase speed and efficiency, improve test accuracy, reduce maintenance costs and risks. It also helped minimise human intervention and maximum test coverage.

Logging and monitoring mechanism

Logging and monitoring allowed us to collect runtime data and events in real time which led to an early detection of issues. This was crucial for regular health checks and debugging complex and problematic jobs and processes.

Multiple integrations

Brahmin Solutions can integrate with some of the best retail and e-commerce applications including Woo Commerce, Magento, Amazon, Ship Station, Shopify with a range of payment gateways. Integration with other enterprise systems allows Brahmin Solutions to offer higher flexibility to their users.

Technology used

Java, Spring, Amazon Web Services, Swagger, Apache solr, Jenkins, Postgres, SonarQube, Tomcat,, Paypal, Stripe, Shopify, Magento, Quickbooks, ShipTheory, ShipStation


78 users
$70,000 Revenue
Hosting charges from $1500 to $700.
Faster client onboarding
Easy-to-use platform

With a reliable technology partner, Brahmin Solutions were able to scale up quickly and get more than 70 businesses on-board within weeks of launching the first version of our product. They are now aiming for 250 companies to drive a revenue of $140,000 by the end of F.Y. 2017-18.