Lean Development


28 Oct: Encounter | Maulik Sailor, Founder Innovify

Startup success stories abound billion‐dollar acquisitions, high‐stake exits, consecutive rounds
of funding. That is unless you track the world of entrepreneurship and startups for a living. Like
we do. Because that is when you see the other side of things. The dose of reality that shatters
the rags‐to‐riches tales that the world has come to see, nay, expect of entrepreneurship. No sir,
that’s far from the complete frame. While those that make it, go on to carve their names in the
books of history, it’s a long journey to startup stardom, and a longer one from there. For a great
idea alone, does not a great business make.


20 Oct: Agile Fails! 6 Most Common Reasons Stating Why

Many points should be considered while you transform any software development process into an Agile process; like team chemistry, team engagement, strong team maturity, communication, trust top management support, continuous learning, and the list is countless. Listed are the most important points to be considered in making Agile successful


17 Sep: Converza at the World’s Best Tech Conference- ALPHA Web Summit!

Incubated at Innovify, Converza has been accepted to exhibit at the Alpha Web Summit, where it will be joining the founders of Slack, Stripe, Pixar, Tinder, OnePlus and more in Dublin this November!

Ram Punjani, Founder, Converza would be attending the web summit, which is a meeting place for the most interesting tech companies across all sectors, stages and geographies. It’s the “Davos for Geeks”.