07 May: Maulik Sailor, Founder of Innovify at The Chrissy B Show

He left his well-paid job to be an entrepreneur, he moved out from his penthouse to finance his business, he left almost everything to be his own instructor. Then he failed and was left with almost nothing but he didn’t give up, he stayed focused. He never believed in making the sky his limit because he desired to go beyond the sky and aimed to nurture startups and that’s what made him the founder of Innovify. Here is Maulik’s slice of life in the form of interview at The Chrissy B Show.


21 Mar: Insights that will turn your million dollar idea for a tech-startup into a billion dollar idea!

There are about 47,000 digital startups in the UK alone. How many out of them do you think really succeed? Not even 50%, yes you read it right…NOT EVEN 50%! And possibly less than 10% will survive beyond the fifth year and achieve the exponential growth that everyone dreams of.
Having an idea is not enough and before you begin your startup journey, you need to have answers for some of the most fundamental questions about your idea

01 Nov: One of the Success Principles for E-commerce – the 3-F Strategy

Most of the E-Commerce players believe that setting up an open source software like magento, opencart, zencart, woo commerce and many more of similar nature is what an e-commerce product essentially needs. No doubt this is required but that shall only create the skeleton, the soul can be brought in only if we follow the right strategy which is beyond technology.


15 Sep: Agile Momentum, Agile Adoption & State of Agile

This year we wanted to compare why people implement agile (one of the biggest areas of importance) against agile’s ability to actually deliver value in those areas. The results? Agile implementation, on the whole, delivers what organizations hope for. The chart below compares mean importance against actual improvements companies who implemented agile saw in over a dozen areas measured. The ability to manage changing priorities, productivity and project visibility were the top areas of importance and corresponding improvements delivered.


30 Aug: Agile & Waterfall Methodologies – A Side-By-Side Comparison

There are several ways to develop software, two of the most prominent methods being waterfall and Agile. And as anytime there are two ways to go about something, a debate rages about which is best. Does it matter really? Doesn’t either way give you a product? We’ll let you decide. Today, we’re arming you with information about both waterfall and Agile methodologies so that you can make an informed decision as to what you think is best.